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About Us

Companionships aims to provide a dignified & discrete platform for Muslims singles who are seriously contemplating marriage, to meet and be introduced to matrimonial education from an Islamic perspective.

A good marriage is a divine blessing. Finding a person with whom you can build a home filled with love, respect and reverence to God can itself be an act of worship. It can be a challenge. Companionships is here to help you obtain the blessings of marriage.


Companionships Is!

  • A dignified way for single Muslims from all backgrounds to meet
  • An opportunity to learn about one of life's most important decision, what to look for in a spouse and decision making tools to aid in your search for a spouse.
  • Interactive and in-person sessions for learning, observing, self-reflection and contemplation.

Companionships Feature!

  • Workshops, lectures, excursions, and community service participation in small groups.
  • Discussions, group sessions and opportunities for interactions, in chaperoned settings.
  • Presentations & direction by Imam Magid as well as other Imams and Muslim community leaders from related industries.
  • Opportunities to share your personality, and evaluate the personalities of potential spousal candidates.
  • Observe traits, characteristics, problem solving skills, likes, dislikes and life style choices of others individuals.